Every Pro-Gun Conservative In America Needs To See This


Two New States Considering Gun Confiscation Legislation – by Robert Gehl

Earlier this week, we wrote about a new San Diego law that allows the government to effectively disarm citizens if it’s determined they are a threat to themselves or others.

On the surface, and to the uninformed, this law seems great: Take guns away from dangerous people.

But the process – spreading to more and more cities and states now – allow practically anyone – to claim an individual is a danger and, without any due process – order them to turn in all their guns.

It’s stripping someone of a Constitutionally protected right without even the pretense of habeas corpus.

It’s clearly a flagrant violation of citizens’ rights, but because it’s done in the name of public safety, we’re letting it happen.

It’s happened in Connecticut. And it’s happening in New York and Delaware. And it’s so easy to do.

A roommate, friend, spouse – anyone, practically – files an order with the court proclaiming someone to be “dangerous.” It’s called an “Extreme Risk Protection Order” or something like that. (In Delaware, they’re calling it the “Beau Biden Gun Prevention Act”) If a judge agrees, they can be unilaterally ordered to turn in all their weapons.

Technically, it’s a 30-day process, at least in some jurisdictions. But, as BearingArms points out, that “temporary” measure might not be so temporary. One of the groups backing the bill explains:

“In addition to the provision to temporarily take guns from those subject to a court order, under its current language HB 302 would remove the firearms rights of some with a history of mental health treatment as well as those who been found not guilty by reason of insanity, guilty but mentally ill, or mentally incompetent to stand trial.”

So basically, if you’re on antidepressants — like one-in-six of Americans — a court order would get your 2nd Amendment rights removed, permanently.

Again, this would allow anyone – an angry spouse, a nurse, a neighbor – to file an order against you to have your Second Amendment rights taken away.

This is a civil action. You haven’t been even charged with a crime, much less a criminal one.

Under the proposed measure, family members or law enforcement could petition a court for “Extreme Risk Protection Orders,” which, if granted, would allow officers to temporarily confiscate firearms and prevent the purchase of additional weapons by those deemed at risk of causing harm to themselves or others.

The person would be then be given the chance to challenge the order in court.

“This legislation empowers loved ones and law enforcement to take immediate legal action to protect public safety if they notice dangerous behavior by people who may be at risk,” Tricia Pleu of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America said.

If protecting public safety is more important than Constitutional rights, I’m not sure why leftists would stop there.

Why can’t we have cameras in our homes? And tracking chips implanted in our arms? Public Safety demands that we be monitored at all times. That we be compliant and docile.

After all, it’s for the public good, right?